Welcome from the president

“My goal is to help the individual guilds and clubs across Canada have the ability to afford insurance. ”

- Colleen Samila


My name is Colleen Samila, I am currently the president of the Woodturners Guild of Ontario. I was tasked in early 2013 to assist in finding affordable insurance for our guild, which turned into further delving into a group insurance policy, which in turn resulted in the Society of Canadian Woodworkers.

My goal is to help the individual guilds and clubs across Canada have the ability to afford insurance. The only way to make this possible was creating a National association. With the assistance of Sean Bell from Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc., we have been able to source a policy which covers the varying needs of the guilds and clubs across Canada.

This is not to say we want to stop there, we would like this website to be a central calendar for woodworkers to see what is going on at other clubs, to promote members who are great teachers at their craft! And to bring together groups of people with like minded ideas toward wood!

Your suggestions and input is valuable – please feel free to contact me either through email the contact form below or through telephone, I would like to make myself available to assist where needed.


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Our main goal has been to secure insurance for the Hobbyist Woodworking guilds and clubs across Canada. This includes woodturning, woodworking, carving, pyrography, marquetry, modeling etc., anything that is working with wood as a hobby. We would like all the woodworking clubs across Canada to partake if you feel comfortable with the insurance that we have to offer, as well as offering a place for woodworkers to communicate, find resources and locate Canadian events!

The Elephant in the Room

As everyone within a club/guild knows and understands, insurance is a mandatory beast, the elephant in the room that everyone needs but no one likes to talk about. By creating the Society of Canadian Woodworkers, we have been able to attain group insurance at a very reasonable cost.

Substantial Savings

We have done comparisons and are able to offer substantial savings to the hobbyist woodworking groups. This includes $2 million Liability coverage as well as $1 million Director and Officers liability. There is an optional offer of $5 million liability for an additional $100 per year per guild/club for those who may require this higher value to satisfy premises rentals.

The above policy also includes standard $10,000 for equipment coverage, but this too can be increased to satisfy great value of equipment on site.

With respect to a full time guild memberships, where facilities are open daily for their members, the SCW can accommodate your needs.

SCW Insurance Program Coverage Highlights

Coverage will extend to off premises location – shows, displays, demonstrations. SCW Insurance Program Coverage Highlights with higher limits available at your option:

Property: $10,000
Miscellaneous Property Floater, Replacement Cost, including Woodworking equipment and tools owned by each guild and/or used for club purposes.

Liability: $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability including Personal injury and advertising injury, occurrence property damage, broad form property damage, non owned automobile.

$250,000 Tenants Legal Liability (broad form) Including Incidental Medical Malpractice.

Directors’ & Officers Liability: $2,000,000 Wrongful Acts.

Accident ADD: $10,000   Principle Sum and benefits as per schedule.